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If you're looking for a fulfilling career in pediatrics, Raleigh Group PC is always looking for dedicated, compassionate individuals who want to provide the best care to families in the greater Memphis area.  Learn more about each listing below.


Nursing Staff (MA, CMA, LPN, RN)

  • Assists providers in all aspects of patient care and maintains communication with the assigned provider(s)
  • Works as an integral part of the medical home team
  • Collaborates with care coordinators on patient-specific needs at the time of the visit or as indicated
  • Reports to the nursing station of the assigned hall in a timely fashion
  • Triages patient, when necessary, and correctly records chief complaint to anticipate needs, interventions, and diagnostic testing
  • Assesses accuracy of immunization records by cross-referencing EHR (Office Practicum) with Tennessee’s immunization information system (TennIIS)
  • Participates in daily patient care huddles and coordinates workflow with an assigned hall team to optimize the patient experience
  • Reviews assigned provider(s) schedules to anticipate needs and opportunities for optimizing care, such as closing gaps in care
  • Correctly administers immunizations according to CDC standards and guidelines, including verification of Vaccine for Children (VFC) status, correctly utilizing and documenting lot and expiration numbers, documenting vaccine administration and refusal in EHR, and the provision of vaccine information sheets (VIS) to families prior to vaccine administration
  • Correctly administers non-vaccine IM injections including, but not limited to, antiinfectives, contraceptives, and steroids. Verifies doses with providers as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates the ability to observe and record vaccine refrigerator and freezer data loggers, documenting according to VFC standards, and recognizing any temperature excursions or potential excursions.
  • Communicates with VFC Coordinator with any vaccine needs and temperature excursions.
  • Maintains appropriate cold-chain status until vaccines are administered, according to VFC standards.
  • Demonstrates proper procedure for obtaining messages from nurse’s voicemail box and determining appropriate message disposition including returning phone calls and provider messages. (NOTE: Assigned phone nurse is responsible for obtaining phone messages from nurse’s voicemail box and returning messages according to RGPC policy)
  • Assists in generating referrals to specialty providers and coordinates with the Referral Coordinator.
  • Demonstrates the ability to correctly and accurately measure vital signs including manual blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, weight, and pulse oximetry.
  • Correctly administers and performs ordered in-office procedures including but not limited to nebulizer treatments, deep-nasal suctioning, burn/wound debridement and dressing, orthopedic extremity splint, etc.
  • Demonstrates ability to correctly collect respiratory cultures including but not limited to, RSV, Influenza, Covid, and Group-A Strep specimens and perform an assay on Abbot ID Now device
  • Maintains clean and organized nurse’s station.
  • Demonstrates proper hand hygiene, glove usage, and aseptic techniques, when indicated, while collecting cultures and indirect patient contact.
  • Appropriately refills prescriptions, when applicable, based on proxy prescribing privileges.
  • Protects patient confidentiality by adhering to HIPAA rules and regulations
  • Demonstrates initiative in identifying opportunities for self-development and enhancement of
  • “Checks out” patients and families at the end of each visit by providing education instructions, patient visit summary, handouts, and scheduling any follow-up appointment, if applicable
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Pediatric experience is preferred but not required
  • CMAs, LPNs, and RNs must maintain unencumbered TN license
  • Ability to display professionalism and efficiency while working with a diverse team in a large, high volume medical practice
  • Must be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse staff and external partners
  • Ability to organize tasks and maintain control of workflow
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Must demonstrate an attitude of adaptability and willingness to change
  • Must exhibit a high level of critical thinking including analytical and problem-solving skills while also exhibiting flexibility in duties
  • Maintains current standing with the appropriate certifying body for position

Please email your résumé and any additional pertinent information to Erin Frazier at