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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Childhood Illness

We all want our children to have the happiest, healthiest lives possible.  That’s why Raleigh Group is your dedicated patient-centered medical home for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic childhood illnesses.  As your PCMH, our pediatricians are here to help you uncover and manage chronic diseases, ensuring your little one is getting the best treatment as they grow and focus on being kids.

What are Chronic Childhood Illnesses?

To put it as simply as possible, a chronic disease is a condition that lasts at least a year but can be life long and require ongoing medical attention.  Chronic health conditions don’t always have a cure, but Raleigh Group is devoted to treating children and ensuring that their families are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful.

Can You Prevent Chronic Illness?

Not all chronic illnesses last a lifetime, and some are more complicated than others.  But our patients and their families can rest assured that our expert team of experienced pediatricians are always one step ahead.  Routine wellness visits are the best way to discover any underlying issues in your child’s health.  Early treatment can make a difference and knowing is half the battle.  While some diseases can be prevented, the Raleigh Group team is prepared to help you navigate whatever life tosses your family’s way.

Common Childhood Illnesses

Here is a list of common childhood illnesses we treat.

  • Asthma
  • Ear Infections
  • Obesity
  • Malnutrition
  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Conditions as the result of premature birth

*Please note that this is not a complete list of chronic childhood diseases.  Your pediatrician can help diagnose and treat a variety of maladies not listed here.

Treat the Problem, Not Just the Symptoms

At Raleigh Group, we start at the beginning.  As your baby grows and matures, your pediatrician will be able to monitor your child’s development for signs of possible illness.  In some cases, we can discover defects and chronic issues before your baby is even born during a prenatal visit.

We’ll help you develop a treatment plan that’s right for your child, instead of just treating the symptoms.  We know your child’s health is important, and our team digs deep to find the best solutions.

How Chronic Disease Can Affect Children

Chronic illness is difficult for anyone.  During a time in their life when they should be focusing on growing up and discovering their world, children who suffer from chronic childhood diseases may experience some limitations.  The way your child responds to a chronic illness will have a lot to do with how old they are at the time the disease manifests.  As parents, it’s important to be encouraging and supportive.  And it’s our job to be here for you both.

Effects on the Family

We know that as caretakers, managing a childhood illness can be complicated, frustrating, and sometimes disheartening.  The team at Raleigh Group is here for the whole family.  As your patient-centered medical home, we provide resources and advice so that you can make the most healthful decisions for your family.  Taking care of yourself is oftentimes just as important for the health of your child as it is for your own.

Raleigh Group is Here For You

Raleigh Group Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine has helped hundreds of families in the greater Memphis area be healthier and grow stronger.  We believe that our patients are our partners.  We approach each child as a whole person and make every effort to respect the culture, special needs, preferences, and values of each patient.  Our pediatricians are committed to providing the best quality of life for your growing families in Memphis.  To begin your child’s journey to health, schedule an appointment, and meet your pediatrician!