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Flu Shots

Raleigh Group Has Flu Shots

The best way to keep your family safe this flu season is to choose to get a flu shot.  After 6 months of age, we recommend making it a point to get vaccinated for the flu annually to protect your friends, family, and community.  If you’re pregnant, we recommend that expectant mothers receive a flu shot to help bolster their baby’s immune system.  Additionally, we recommend that other family members who will be in close contact with your baby also get vaccinated with an annual flu shot to prevent potentially fatal complications.

Benefits of Flu Shots

As with any other vaccination, a flu shot significantly reduces your child’s chances of contracting the influenza virus or passing it along to others.

Other major benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of hospitalization
  • Preventative measure for individuals with chronic health conditions
  • Protect both mother and child during and after pregnancy
  • Reduced sickness and recovery time if the flu is contracted
  • Protects others

Why Should My Child Get a Flu Shot?

Getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu.  Influenza can cause serious respiratory complications in young children that may result in hospitalization.  In 2020, getting a flu shot for you and your children is critical.  Both COVID-19 and the flu present with very similar symptoms, so being able to quickly rule out one illness over another is paramount in protecting your child and other loved ones from a potentially deadly illness.

How Does a Flu Shot Work?

When we get a flu shot, we’re prompting our bodies to develop antibodies.  As with any vaccine, via the shot, we introduce small amounts of the dead virus into our bloodstream to allow our bodies to safely become immune to it without making us sick.

Unlike other vaccines, flu shots are given on an annual basis due to the fact that the flu virus mutates quickly.

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Is a Flu Shot Safe For My Child?

Flu shots are absolutely safe for children over the age of 6 months and for those without compromised immune systems or other underlying health issues. Your pediatrician will be able to help you determine if a flu shot is the right course of action for you.

Children between the ages of 6 months to 8 years require 2 doses to be protected against the flu.  After the initial shot, we’ll schedule your second so you don’t miss a beat!

Our Memphis Pediatricians Are Here To Help

Raleigh Group is your dedicated patient-centered medical home in Memphis.  We’re here to give you the latest information and expert advice so that you can make the best decision to keep your family happy, healthy, and safe.  We accept walk-ins for flu shots, as well as NVP (nurse provider visits).  If you're looking for the best pediatricians in Memphis, we're ready to treat your growing family.  If you’d rather schedule an appointment, click the link below to speak to someone about your flu shot today!