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During each well-child visit, you and your Memphis pediatrician will discuss physical and verbal baby milestones.  Keeping up with these milestones is a helpful way to determine if your child is on target.  However, these are just general observations.  Some children may develop certain skills sooner than others, and vice versa.





 Developing an eating schedule.

 Cries. Respond to physical stimulus.

 1 Month

 Brings hands near eyes and mouth.  Start tummy time.

 Cries. Begins to notice sounds.

 2 Months

 Self-soothing behavior (sucking on hands)

 Coos and gurgles.

 4 Months

 Responds to affection and expresses happiness/sadness

 Babbles.  Cries to express different needs.

 6 Months

 Begins to stand and support weight on legs.

 Begins to say consonant sounds.  Responds to own name.

 9 Months

 Clingy with familiar adults.  Pulls up to stand and move.

 Understands “No.”

 12 Months

 May request to be read to.  Starts to use everyday objects correctly(cups, utensils, etc)

 Makes sounds that appear more like speech.  Follows simple directions.

 15 Months

 Able to walk alone.  Begins to run and climb on furniture.

 Knows 3 to 5 words.

 18 Months

 Can scribble on their own. Eats with a spoon.

 Can say several words.  Follows 1 step commands.

 24 Months

 Shows increased independence.  Sorts shapes and colors.

 Says sentences with 2 to 4 words.  Can repeat words heard in conversation.

 30 Months

 Can play on playground equipment.  Can use safety scissors.

 Communicates with playmates and takes part in group activities.

 36 Months

 Understand quantities.  Shows a wide range of emotions.

 Knows the names of friends, their first and last name, age, and sex.


We Monitor Milestones

Our providers put patients first.  Our pediatricians have been guiding families in the Greater Memphis Area for years, helping parents make the most informed decisions about their children's health.  It's important to note that each child is different and our expert pediatricians treat each patient based on their own unique histories and backgrounds.  Visiting your pediatrician regularly is the best way to ensure your child is meeting those critical milestones that help them grow stronger every day.  Schedule your appointment today!