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Being a Patient Centered Medical Home means your family will be cared for by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who will work with you using evidence-based medicine and available resources to optimize your child’s health. 

Adapted from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Patient-Centered Medical Home must deliver care that is: 

  • Patient-Centered: A partnership among patients, families, and practitioners centered around the whole person, integrating an understanding and respect for culture, special needs, preferences, and values. 

  • Comprehensive: A team-based approach to care, striving to meet both physical and mental health care needs including prevention and managing both acute and chronic illnesses. 

  • Coordinated: Care is maintained across all elements of the healthcare system including specialty care, hospitals, home health, and community services and support. 

  • Accessible: A system that strives to enhance accessibility to care through extended hours, after-hours access to medical advice, and technological advances to improve the patient experience and decrease wait times. 

  • Committed to quality and safety: A commitment to providing safe, high-quality care that remains in line with evidence-based practice while incorporating quality improvement initiatives and ensuring patients and families continue to make informed decisions about their health.

Raleigh Group Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Our providers are here for you!  We believe that parents should be at the forefront of their children’s health journey, and we’re here to guide you through every stage.  Our expert pediatricians have been helping families in Memphis for many years.  We love watching children grow into healthy adults and know we can do the same for your growing home.




  • “They are always open. The doctors are the best. We have been going since my son was born, almost 12 years ago!”

    - Chasity