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Your Memphis-Based Patient-Centered Medical Home

Raleigh Group is a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) in Memphis, and we're dedicated to formulating a plan together for the health and wellness of your family. We strive to provide the greatest quality of care all while empowering you as a parent to make informed decisions about your child's long-term health and stability.

Raleigh Group grows with your family's health needs and offers a wide variety of programs to cover each stage of your child's development. From birth to young adulthood, our compassionate team of experienced Memphis pediatricians has you covered.

Health and Wellness Services Near Memphis

Childhood can be a confusing time for both kids and parents. But Raleigh Group pediatricians are here for you every step of the way! That's why we offer the following services to Memphis and the surrounding areas. From physicals to same-day sick visits, our trained, knowledgeable staff is prepared to help you take on any stage of life with your family.

Our Healthcare Model

Being a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) means we help parents and families in and around Memphis build a plan for success. Optimizing your child's health is our priority, and we use evidence-based medicine to ensure we're giving your child the best care possible. We focus on whole-person treatment, which means even small details count. Our pediatricians' and staffs' understanding and respect for culture, special needs, preferences, and values help us get the whole picture. In short, we want to treat the person, not just the symptoms.

And our care doesn't stop after you leave the office. We maintain care through all arms of the healthcare system in the Greater Memphis Area. Specialty care, hospitals, home health, and community health services are all part of our plan to make a healthier you.



  • “Everyone at the Eads office is amazing! Both of my kids go there and love the staff. You’re treated like family here”

    - Megan

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