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Spanish Speaking Office

We’re a Spanish Speaking Pediatric Office

Part of being a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) means keeping an open line of communication between our providers and their patients.  Being a bilingual, Spanish-speaking pediatrician office in Memphis lets us help you make educated, informed decisions about the health of your family.

Better Communication Means Better Healthcare

All too often we hear about patients having their loved ones and children translate for them.  At Raleigh Group, we want to empower our parents to make the best decisions for their families.  Children learn quickly, but our doctors and staff have the skills to communicate directly with you to make sure you completely understand your options.  Raising children keeps you busy enough without having to worry about a language barrier when you visit the doctor.

We feel that having bilingual professionals on our staff creates an opportunity for us to connect with non-English-speaking patients in a meaningful way.  The health and comfort of our patients are paramount.  Clear discussions about your child’s well-being and baby milestones are essential to their development.

No Need for A Middle Man

Your family is our first priority.  In our offices, there’s no need to worry about whether or not you need an interpreter.  If a Spanish speaking pediatrician isn’t available, we have several interpreters on staff who will ensure that all of your diagnoses and options are clearly communicated.  Part of making the best decisions for your child is knowing the details, and we take great pride in our clinics going the extra mile to provide this service for our clients.

We Accept TennCare

Pledging a commitment to be a PCMH means that we provide the necessary care our patients need when they need it. We accept TennCare because we want to provide patient-centered care to the most vulnerable populations (or provide patient-centered care no matter anyone’s circumstances).  We accept all plans included in TennCare’s program, including CoverKids, BlueCare, TennCare Select, Amerigroup, and UHHCP.

Well-child check-ups are provided at no cost to TennCare members.  That means pediatric vaccines and school/sports physicals are absolutely free.  Visit our TennCare page to learn more about who is eligible and how this valuable service can help your family.

New To Raleigh Group?

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Spanish Speaking Pediatricians

If you're looking for a Spanish-speaking pediatrician in Memphis or the Greater Memphis Area, Raleigh Group is dedicated to ensuring that your family gets the health and wellness knowledge it needs to be successful in a language you understand.  No interpreters or miscommunications, just the facts.  Call and schedule your appointment with us today.