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Everyone Deserves Care

We believe that everyone deserves care, no matter what. That's why we are proud to be a TennCare pediatrician. TennCare is a statewide Medicaid program in the state of Tennessee designed to help low-income families, people with disabilities, pregnant women, and seniors (65+) with medical costs.  This extends across many levels of care including mental health, substance abuse, dental, and even pharmacy benefits.

Additionally, TennCare Kids is a full-service healthcare program that provides screenings, checkups, and other services crucial to keeping your children healthy and safe.  We’re committed to keeping your family healthy from pregnancy and TennCare is a great way to get the financial assistance you need when you need it most.

How TennCare Can Help You

Raleigh Group, PC is pleased to be a TennCare pediatrician that takes part in all plans included in TennCare’s program of complete health services to its members. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to keep your child’s TennCare insurance active. We are not able to do this for you. You can manage your child’s coverage and even download a user-friendly mobile app.  You may also contact TennCare directly at 855-259-0701.

We accept all 4 of the insurance plans from the Managed Care Organizations (MCO) contracted with TennCare including BlueCare, TennCare Select, Amerigroup, and United Healthcare Community Plan.

Well-Child Screenings

Well-child check-ups are provided at no cost to the TennCare members including vaccines as recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and American Academy of Pediatrics. This also includes school and sports physicals.

Please note that for your child to be seen in our office, we must be assigned as your child’s PCP or Primary Care Physician. This is best done prior to your child being seen in our office. Please contact your MCO (Managed Care Organization) (BlueCare, TennCare Select, Amerigroup or United HealthCare Community Plan) to have this information changed.

TennCare Quick Facts

  • The following individuals are eligible
    • Pregnant Women
    • A child under the age of 19
    • A parent, relative or caretaker of a dependent child(ren) under the age of 21
    • Disabled
    • Elderly
    • Uninsurable
  • CoverKids services children from birth through age 19 who have TennCare.
  • If you are pregnant but don’t have a social security number, visit your local health department to apply in person.
  • If you are a pregnant woman, no immigration documents are required.
  • CoverKids offers free health coverage for pregnant women and children who don’t qualify for TennCare

From birth to 3-years of age, CoverKids enrollees should have 12 checkups.  Each visit includes:

  • Health history
  • Complete physical exam
  • Lab tests as necessary
  • Immunizations
  • Vision/Hearing screening
  • Developmental/Behavioral screenings as necessary
  • Milestone and general health advice.

Once children reach the age of 3, we recommend scheduling a TennCare Kids checkup every year.  These screenings can continue until they turn 21.

Learn more about all of the TennCare pediatric services available, check for eligibility, and determine if this option is right for you by visiting

Our Pediatricians Care

If you're looking for pediatricians in Memphis dedicated to providing optimal care to your growing family, Raleigh Group Pediatrics is ready to be your patient-centered medical home.  We'll be with you every step of the way, from your prenatal visit to teenhood.